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About HPEC

What does HPEC do?

The equation is simple: Healthcare-related organizatins and businesses need trained, prepared workers; and people in the community need jobs - particularly in stable career paths that offer opportunities for growth and advancement. The Health Professions Education Consortium (HPEC) exists to help those two needs become one another's solutions. HPEC works to:

  • Enhance and expand employer partnerships to promote engagement and retention
  • Conduct data collection and evaluation to determine gaps
  • Develop occupational standards (including job descriptions and core requirements) across HPEC partners
  • Develop detailed pathways to terminal qualifications
  • Expand learning communities
  • Develop sustainable mentoring opportunities


As a national leader in interprofessional healthcare and biomedical education, one of Rosalind Franklin University's top priorities is helping our neighbors address their healthcare needs. It's a big goal, and it will take time, but one of the best ways we can reach it is by understanding what is needed and helping to prepare people who live in our community to become the next generation of healthcare industry professionals.

That's why, in 2012 the university led the effort to create a community innovation cluster called the Health Professions Education Consortium – we call it HPEC for short.

Values, Mission and Vision

The consortium represents a group of collaborative, forward thinking, community driven and socially responsible individuals from various sectors within our community. We have made it our mission to align education and workforce needs, by ensuring accessible educational opportunities in the healthcare professions throughout our community. Through this mission, we envision HPEC to become a national leader and serve as a scalable model for others in the nation and around the world.