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How We Make an Impact

Strategic Objectives

In 2017, the HPEC executive group designated five specific areas where the consortium would focus its efforts over the next three to five years.

  • Learning Communities
    Using the Healthcare Pathway program in North Chicago Community High School as a model, we will enhance and create similar learning community opportunities in other secondary schools in our catchment area.
  • Skill Development
    We have established a goal to increase the workforce readiness skills of Lake County High School students by 50 percent by 2022. We'll do this by aligning educational curriculum and competencies with workforce needs. More specifically, we strive to improve those skills among groups that have been historically under-represented in healthcare, and students who are pursuing certification and degree programs in the health sciences while living in disadvantaged communities.
  • Experiential Learning
    By 2020, 90 percent of the students in our membership's healthcare pathway will have participated in an experiential learning opportunity.
  • Retention
    Retention is vital to solving our community workforce needs in healthcare. We've identified the need to retain students in their educational pursuits along the healthcare pathway, as also retaining practitioners currently excelling in their healthcare careers in our community. We will measure the increase retention metrics in those areas, with a goal to decrease the number of unfilled healthcare positions by 2022.
  • Membership/Partnerships
    This work can only be accomplished by enlisting more individuals from our community. Having better defined our work and focusing our efforts, we are now working to increase our engaged membership to 50 percent. We are particularly focused on the level of engagement from the employer side in the coming years.

Our Collective Impact

To achieve our strategic objectives, we've defined key focus areas to move the organization toward realizing our vision:

  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Development of occupational standards that include job descriptions and core competencies
  • Development of detailed pathways with stackable credentials
  • Expand learning communities
  • Develop a sustainable mentoring program
  • Enhance and expand employer partnerships that promote engagement and retention